Our Story

It all started in '88...

After moving to Canada from Lebanon, owner Jack and his brothers noticed a lack of quality middle-eastern foods, mainly, the pita bread that they used to have back home. They decided to open a small factory making only pita bread and selling it to local stores. Later on the business evolved into a small bakery selling their now famous bread and also 'Manaeesh', 'Lahmajoun' and small cakes and pastries. Over the years the business kept growing, and they moved into a larger location, becoming a market for all things middle-eastern food.

In 2014 Jack decided pursue his dream of opening a mediterranean café, and thus Beiruti was born. After a year of planning, his work came to fruition in the fall of 2015 with Beiruti Grand Cafè opening its doors to the public. 

Raouche (Pigeons' Rock) - Beiruti, Lebanon

Raouche (Pigeons' Rock) - Beiruti, Lebanon